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Are you ever lost for words…?
People read what interests them and providing copy with an extra serving of personality can bring your words to life- ensuring that they are etched on the minds of your audience.

When writing, or creating a brand for a product, the last thing you should do is try and write about the product itself…Why I hear you ask..? Well if your target markets are already flooded with a product very much like yours, it will be in danger of fading into the background. However, if you market the experience your target audience would get from having your product- you instantly become relatable, thought provoking and motivating by telling a story that will last… For example if you are trying to sell camping equipment- you would be hard pushed to say anything different that hasn’t already been said before. However, if you talk about experiencing 300 sunsets, smell freshly cut grass, quality family time, a panoramic view, then you are building a story of what people can expect after they buy your product, or service.

Enticing an audience to read your message and turn the pages, whether it be; a magazine article, advert, website, social media platform, or brochure is crucial. A piece of copy needs to be simple, give pleasure and easily passed on. If the message isn’t easily transferrable- either in speech, writing, or via a social network- then it’s destined for a short, undiscovered life.
Whether you’re struggling to find the right words that leave a lasting impact on your target audience or, your approach to social media isn’t working and your marketing campaign plan just can’t wait any longer then contact me.

I have 23 years of media experience, including working as a journalist, editor, public relations officer and communications and marketing specialist. I have written for many different industries including; fashion, overseas property and investment markets, education, business and trade associations. I have been responsible for not only creating many different brands, but also with promoting them and having a clear communications strategy to promote different services and organisations.

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Every Story

I believe that every story needs to be told… Don’t let history disappear. Keep your family memories alive and intact for future generations to enjoy. As a professional memoir writer and word gatherer, I can capture your memories in a book. I can create your memoir in paperback, or hardback with photographs and a front cover design. Contact me now for more details >

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